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November 18, 2012
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WARNING: Cursing, Human Names,OOC

You walked through the hallways with your head ducked, and your shoulders hunched. People in the hallway just continued to snicker, and whisper. They thought you couldn't hear them but you did, and you felt tears fill in your eyes again.

People called you names, they called you ugly, fat, loner, and anything else they could think of that wasn't true. Sure you weren't the most gorgeous person ever, but they didn't have the right to call you ugly. Sure you didn't have a perfect bod. And maybe you didn't have that many friends, but at least you did, well.....used to.  

You rounded a corner, into an empty stairway, and there did you collapsed to your knees. You cried silently. you were strong enough to not do anything when people bully you, but you weren't strong enough to not feel sad and terrible.

'I wonder how this even started.......' you thought as you hugged your knees, and your mind came blank for the answer. How did this start? Who knows.

You jerked in surprise as the bell rang, and you hurriedly tried to wipe your tears away. You tried to pick up your things as people started coming towards the stairway, but somebody was kind enough to shove you down and onto the floor.

You looked up to see a group walking away laughing and smirking at you. You gave them a weak glare before turning to try and pick up your things again.

As you did this, you suddenly see someone picking up the books that had scattered as you tried to pick up your papers. You were about to yell at the person but then the person stacked them together and handed them to you.

You looked up at the person and your (e/c) eyes meeting with kind brown ones. the person had a sort of blank expression. It was Kaoru. One of your old friends.

"You dropped these..." he told you simply and you nodded, and took the books from him.

After you gathered your things, Kaoru helped you stand up, and you 2 stood in the bottom of the stairway silently.

"We should get to class....the bell rang a while ago," he said, and you looked up at him, then to the floor.

"'re right..." you said, and he just nodded, you obviously not seeing it.

You glanced at him before looking down again, and Kaoru sighed. He reached out and took hold of your arm, and you squeaked in surprise as he started to lead you somewhere.


"Jus tstop talking and you'll see," he told you plainly, and you closed your mouth, as you both continued to. You 2 kept walking until you got the forest behind the school, as you walked deeper into the forest you started to get nervous, and walked closer to Kaoru, who had been silent the whole walk.

Suddenly Kaoru stopped walking, and you bumped into him.

"we're here," he said and you were about to ask before you got to see what was over his shoulder, and you gasped.

In front of you was a beautiful pond, with animals at the other side. with the clearing the sun made the pond glisten and shine, and the lily pads that floated atop of the water finished up the scenery.

"I-it's....." you couldn't even say anything about this, it was too beautiful, and breathtaking.

As you looked around you, you didn't notice Kaoru smiling at you, before his smile turned into a sad frown.

"I know about you thinking about committing suicide....." he suddenly piped up and you tensed, beofre turning to look at him with a strained smile.

"Doesn't everybody," you told him and his jaw clenched.


The comfortable silence became tense.

"I'm....sorry," he suddenly said again, and you just glared at the grass.

"You didn't do anything wro-" Kaoru cut you off.

"NO! I did do something wrong! I didn't do anything even though you've been treated like a piece of shit by others!"

For some reason his statement got you both surprised, and mad. He was going to apologize for not doing anything, but he knew that nobody did anything to help you. Did he really think that if he apologized that it would get other people to suddenly start helping you?!

You clenched your fist, and continued to glare at the grass. Kaoru was supposed to be your close friend, all your other friends had abandoned you and so did he, and now he was apologizing?

You turned to the boy glaring at him with tear filled eyes.

"You know what Kaoru! Shut the fuck up already!" you yelled loudly, and Kaoru's eyes widened.

"I know you're sorry, but I don't care! It's too fucking late to apologize, because it's already happening, and do you see yourself doing something? No!" you argued and Kaoru felt his heart clench.

You were right, it was too late.

"I'm sorry...." he murmured and you were about to yell again, but then he fell to the ground, and your eyes widened.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...." he started to murmur over an over again, sobbing. You watched him and you wobbled over to him.

You fell to your knees in front of him and just watched him with blank eyes.

"I tried to do anything to help.....because....because I love you so much....god, I loved you so much that each time they said something about you I ended up punching someone...." he suddenly said and your eyes widened again.

" love me...?" you asked breathlessly, and he nodded not looking at you.

You then remembered, you've seen Kaoru get sent to the office, you've heard about him being suspended at least 11 rimes, and you even remembered hearing he got into a fight.

"," you tried to speak but you couldn't say anything. Kaoru had been there for you. He had fought for you, and had gotten in trouble for you. You suddenly felt guilty for yelling at him and you reached out, and pulled him into a hug.

The Asian boy was surprised, but he hugged you back and let you cry, and sob on his shoulder.

He was there for you, and you didn't even notice.


A few weeks after what happened at the pond, you and Kaoru hung out again,even starting dating and you got close with his family, and some other people. The bullying had decreased, but it rarely happened anymore.

You were cheerful happy, and you finally figured out that you weren't abandoned at all, and someone was there for you.

Now you were sitting with him at the pond watching your reflection in the water together.
Kaoru kissed your forehead suddenly.

"I love you, (y/n)," and you blushed smiling, and leaning close to him.

"I love you, too, Kaoru,"
I have written this because I recently just watched a Teens React to Amanda Todd video,

which is here ----->[link]

and Kids React to Bullying

here ---------->[link]

And i've known about it for a while, but i didn't know what to do, so yeah, I think bullying is terrible, but to anyone, and everyone out there, the message to this is that

Someone is always there for you

So yeah, don't do anything stupid or reckless, and I really hope bullying stops, and that this gets no hate or judge,

I hope you comment below on what you think

Hong Kong, Hetalia(c)Himaruya-san
You(c)Hong Kong!!
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annetheanimelover Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Student
i cried when i first saw amanda todd ...i got bullied since i was 6, every time i got home my cheeks where always bleeding of  being punched in the face by a girl with  a pink hat...
jadech Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i saw the teens react to amanda todd an cried like a baby the rest of the day, my parents look at me like i have gone mad so i showed to them and the whole house just was really sad the rest of the time, but i like this because it has a happy ending!!!!!!!
VOCLAOID-Magnet Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
About this story, everything is true. And I mean EVERYTHING. A person threw a pencil case at me. -_- He always does that, and I get annoyed. Sometimes I tell the teacher or tell him what's on my mind. Nice story. It makes people who get bullied know that there is hope for them. Not cutting their arms or try dying cause of bullying. Even the school doesn't do anything about it, but sometimes they do but it is no helpful at all. They repeat what they do. Sorry if its too long. I love the story!! :icon3dlaplz:
KerstinSibylle Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, and I'm happy that you like the story! I really wanted to say that, someone will always be there for you, not because I wanna be some praised, person who helps people who's bullied or whatever, but I just really wanted people to know that! Cause, my little brother was bullied, and not to long ago too, and me, my sister, and our cousin, who's basically like his brother, like, we were just there for him, me and my sister had to kinda, get it out of him first but you know, and me he's your normal annoying little brother, heh
But I wish you good luck with yourself, and I'm glad you made a long comment, haha!!
VOCLAOID-Magnet Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You are welcome! ^^ sorry about the long comment. (even though you like me making such a long comment X3)
HetaliaRP-Hongkong Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
I love it <3
SilverSnowDust Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this so much. I feel like I can relate to what reader-san went through... ;-; I love you for writing this.
moonlightkamika Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Awws! This was a wonderful story. I lost all my friends in high school after all my family problems began to take its toll on me, it hurt so much. I was very lucky to have one person that remained there for me no matter what anyone said. I'm thankful for her and the life I have now as a wife and mother of two little girls. Those people we find in our journey of life that love us no matter what truly can be lifesavers. Thank you for the story!
KerstinSibylle Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :iconshysmileplz: Im glad you enjoyed it,also Im glad that everything worked out in the end for you, and i hope it stays good! And its always good to hav a friend that'll always be there for you
moonlightkamika Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Thank you ^^ I'm very blessed indeed.
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